Wolverine #145 VF-

Wolverine #145 VF-

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Condition : Very Fine-
Publisher : Marvel
Region : USA
Year : 1999


THE SCOOP: Will the adamantium return? Find out in this double-sized 25th anniversary spectacular! * THE STORY: Can you believe it's Wolverine's birthday? Neither can we--and it just might be his last when he gets caught between the villain known as Death and the rampaging Hulk! One is responsible for a murder, the other is an unstoppable force of chaos--and they both want to take out Logan! Our favorite feral fighter made his debut in INCREDIBLE HULK #180, so it only makes sense that the green goliath brings things full circle with a guest-appearance in Logan's 25th anniversary issue! Be here to see 1. Wolverine cut loose as never before; 2. A development that everyone has been begging for; and 3. An event that leads directly into our end of the Millennium opus! * THE CREATORS: By writer Erik Larsen, penciler Leinil Francis Yu and inker Dexter Vines.