Treehouse of Horror #7 VF+

Treehouse of Horror #7 VF+

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Condition : Very Fine+
Publisher : Bongo
Region : USA
Year : 2001


Written by Garth Ennis. Art by John McCrea. Cover by Matt Groening and Bill Morrison. After seeing an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon based on the movie Alien, Bart dreams that Springfield has been invaded. Written by Troy Nixey. Art by Troy Nixey. Homer finds himself on display as a primitive man in the year 1875. Written by Mark Hamill. Art by Bill Morrison, Jason Ho, and Mike Rote. Professor Frink creates a machine that creates a "flawed" clone of Homer. Bios and Halloween tales from the guest contributors to this issue. Back cover by Dan Brereton. 68 pages, full color. $4.50. Direct Edition cover has issue #7, Newsstand Edition has Annual 2001.