Street Fighter Pin-Up Special 2019 NM

Street Fighter Pin-Up Special 2019 NM

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Condition : Near Mint
Publisher : Udon
Region : USA
Year : 2019


Cover by Asia Ladowska.
Laura! Juri! Blanka! Cody! The girls and guys of Street Fighter enjoy the summer in this playful pin-up special! See 22 artists new to UDON show their love of Street Fighter with their first-ever UDON illustrations! Featuring: Kaiju Battle by Alphonso Orozco; Medal Round by Asia Ladowska; Beach Splash by BUG!; Summer Fighters by DasGnomo & El Grimlock; That's My Move by Drake Hernandez; Strongest Sand by Fabiano Santos; Waterfall Chun-Li by Keung Lee; Chan: The Movie by Jason Cardy; Basket Brawl by Javier De la Pava; Surf Fighter by Jon Murakami; Shocking Swim by Fabo; Court of the Ninja by Sven Batz [SvensPron]; Slam Dunk by Kevin Di Pasupil; Elena & Laura by Kosena; Weight Training by David Liu; Floatie-chan by Rafael Caravaca Diaz; Rainbow Mika by Ryusoko; Guy & Cody by Tei Lee; Water Fight by Tovio Rogers; Cammy by Iokigun; Beach Trio by David Liu; Laura by Cutesexyrobutts; and Suikawari by Taka. Plus bonus art: Rose (credits) by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz, and Ryu (credits) by Long Vo.