Steampunk #4 FN JS Campbell Variant

Steampunk #4 FN JS Campbell Variant

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Condition : Fine
Publisher : Cliffhanger
Region : USA
Year : 2000


The eye-opening new CLIFFHANGER series continues in an issue featuring variant covers by all the CLIFFHANGER creators! As Mortimer Absinthe gleefully prepares to secure the arcane knowledge that will make his domination of the world complete, the Iron Monk's Consecration Engine gears up to tear the living souls out of London's underdwellers. Meanwhile, in the deranged freak factory known as Westminster Abbey, Cole Blaquesmith is offered a second chance at life. Will he take the offer or choose death instead in light of his realiztion that he himself may be responsible for the world's current condition? This issue ships with variant covers by Chris Bachalo and Richard Friend (25%), J. Scott Campbell and Sandra Hope (25%), Joe Madureira and Tom McWeeney (25%), and Humberto Ramos and Sandra Hope (25%).