Static-X #1 NM Photo Cover Variant (Polybagged w/CD)
Static-X #1 NM Photo Cover Variant (Polybagged w/CD)

Static-X #1 NM Photo Cover Variant (Polybagged w/CD)

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Condition : Near Mint/Sealed 
Publisher : Chaos Comics
Region : USA
Year : 2002


Polybagged with an exclusive CD! 

First in a series of Sci-Fi thriller one-shots! With over 1,000,000 CDs sold and lead songs on the Queen of The Damned and Resident Evil soundtrack albums, the industrial metal band Static-X is taking comics by storm, supported by an aggressive internet advertising and global touring campaign designed to drive new customers to comic stores! Set in the techno-doom-laden future to come, the world is ruled by The State. Corporations and commercialism have been abolished. Wayne, Ken, Tony and Tripp (members of Static-X) are cybernetically-enhanced workers, leading insignificant lives as slaves to The State. Memories intrude, reminding them of a time when they worked together, nearly inciting a revolution. Are these phantom images truth, or just another implanted memory? Will they learn the real story before it's too late, or will they remain the mindless agents that The State created them to be? Our fate rests in their hands! Exclusive CD includes: the song "This Is Not" and special interview footage of the band, all unavailable anywhere else!