Star Wars Tales #14 NM (Cvr B) Variant

Star Wars Tales #14 NM (Cvr B) Variant

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Condition : Near Mint
Publisher : Dark Horse Comics 
Region : USA
Year : 2002


1st appearance Kit Fisto!

Featuring STAN SAKAI, JIMMY PALMIOTTI, RAMON BACHS, RAUL FERNANDEZ, JASON HALL, CHRISTIAN READ, CLAYTON HENRY, and others. Who shot first? Han or Greedo? Depending on which version of Star Wars: A New Hope you watch either answer is correct. Now, for the first time in Star Wars Tales #14, the question goes before a court of law! Han Solo is sued for the wrongful death of Greedo by the Rodian's mother in "The Emperor's Court!" Also featured is Stan Sakai's tale of a young Anakin Skywalker in "Urchins" and a unique look at the battle of Endor in "We Were Stormtroopers." Plus much, much more! Featuring a cover by Dreamwave's Pat Lee!