Star Wars (Republic) #61 VF/NM

Star Wars (Republic) #61 VF/NM

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Condition : Very Fine/Near Mint
Publisher : Dark Horse Comics 
Region : USA
Year : 2004


While the Clone Wars continue, sinister plans are afoot within the Senate. Senator Bail Organa's ship is attacked by pirates and former Supreme Chancellor Valorum returns to warn of treachery behind the scenes. With the Jedi away at the wars, citizen Senators must fight for the preservation of the Republic against the power of the Sith. Characters in this issue: Senator Bail Organa; Adi Gallia; Plo Koon; Ki-Adi-Mundi; Yoda; Senator Mon Mothma; Anakin Skywalker; Supreme Chancellor Palpatine; Finis Valorum; Senator Ask Aak.