Star Wars Jedi VF+ to NM- Complete Set (one-shots)
Star Wars Jedi VF+ to NM- Complete Set (one-shots)
Star Wars Jedi VF+ to NM- Complete Set (one-shots)

Star Wars Jedi VF+ to NM- Complete Set (one-shots)

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Condition : Very Fine+ to Near Mint-
Publisher : Dark Horse Comics
Region : USA
Year : 2003-2004


Very rare set of (5) Star Wars Jedi one-shots!!

Features the 1st appearance of Asajj Ventress!!

1st appearance & death of Cal, Kestis & Tyffix!!

Star Wars Jedi - Aayla Secura

A Double-Sized Clone Wars Special! Beautiful twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura goes undercover to ferret out a Separatist enclave. But when her cover is blown, Aayla finds herself going up against famed bounty hunter (and infamous Jedi killer) Aurra Sing! This is the battle that Star Wars fans have been begging for, by the creative team that was born to bring it to them! 

Star Wars Jedi - Count Dooku

A Double-Sized Clone Wars Special! Liberator. Tyrant. Hero. Villain. Renegade. Visionary. Jedi. Sith lord. The enigmatic, charismatic Count Dooku is all of these things. Posing as a renegade from the Republic, Jedi Quinlan Vos has been given the assignment to earn Dooku's trust and learn his secrets. When he discovers that Dooku's targets include Vos' birth planet of Kiffu and his own people, the Guardians, Quin must decide how far he is willing to go to protect his cover. Dooku, ever the master manipulator, always has another card to play, and his goal is not always what it seems. This is a story of the Clone Wars and the Jedi seen from a very different perspective. 

Star Wars Jedi - Mace Windu

A Double-Sized Clone Wars Special! As the Jedi's top general in the galaxy-wide Clone Wars, Mace Windu must oversee battles on many fronts. But the struggle that concerns him most is that within the Jedi Order itself. With the outbreak of hostilities, many Jedi are unwilling to commit themselves to the war ? either because of their ambivalence toward the Republic, or because they have actively joined the Separatists! On a quest to reunite the divided ranks of the Jedi, Mace Windu is forced to confront the same Jedi sword-master who tutored him in the legendary lightsaber regimen known as Vaapad! 

Star Wars Jedi - Shaak Ti

A Double-Sized Clone Wars Special! Among the Jedi, Master Shaak Ti is known as a peacemaker; the calm voice of reason. But caught on the ground on war-torn Brentaal IV with a rapidly dwindling platoon of clone troopers, Shaak Ti is forced to go on the offensive! A Magna-gun emplacement is preventing Republic ships from landing reinforcements, and to save the mission?and the lives of Ti's own troops?the guns must be silenced. To accomplish the task, Shaak Ti will accept whatever help she can get?even that of a killer convicted of murdering Ti's former pupil! Fire up you lightsabers and get ready for the biggest Clone Wars battle to date, with guest-stars from all over the Star Wars galaxy! 

Star Wars Jedi - Yoda

A Double-Sized Clone Wars Special! He is arguably the most respected Jedi Master of all time, but even the great Yoda cannot predict or control the outcome of every situation. As the violence of the Clone Wars spreads across the galaxy, Yoda is called upon to lead a clone army against the forces of a king who befriended him two hundred years before. Seeking a peaceful resolution by following the Force, Yoda is hampered by suicidal enemy soldiers, hot-headed young Jedi, single-minded Clone Commanders, and by the unwavering beliefs held by his one-time friend. It's the diminutive Jedi's most dangerous mission yet?where a single wrong move could change the course of the war! ?