Spider-Man (Drakes Cakes) #1 NM+

Spider-Man (Drakes Cakes) #1 NM+

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Condition : Near Mint+
Publisher : Marvel
Region : USA
Year : 1993


Indicia (Amazing Spider-Man: Carnage on Campus). # 1 of 4 issue limited series. Packaged and given away with Drake's snack cakes. Jubilee and Spider-Man (1993) is a promotional comic book distributed by Drake's Snack Cakes. Written by Eric Fein, pencils by Jim Craig, inks by Dan and David Day. "Carnage on Campus" features a team-up with Spider-Man and Jubilee, the youngest member of the Uncanny X-Men. They must stop the powerful Rhino before he destroys Empire State University. 16 pages, full color, 3-in. x 5-in., card stock, with no cover price.