Spawn #309 NM- (Signed by Francesco Mattina)

Spawn #309 NM- (Signed by Francesco Mattina)

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Condition : Near Mint-
Publisher : Image
Region : USA
Year : 2020


Note: Signed on the cover by Francesco Mattina*

1st appearance new Gunslinger!!

Cover by Francesco Mattina (after Frazetta). New heroes! New villains! New war! The MYSTERIOUS and DANGEROUS army of Spawns continues to grow. First She-Spawn and Reaper! Then Medieval Spawn! Now Gunslinger Spawn has made his presence known. But who is a hero and who is a villain? And is Al Simmons strong enough to control them all? Maybe his new armor will help! TODD McFARLANE and KEN LASHLEY continue their epic tale!
Francesco Mattina cover A.
*Signed in person by Francesco Mattina at the 2023 MCM London Comic Con.