Sonic Super Special #6 'Sonic 50 Director's Cut' VF-

Sonic Super Special #6 'Sonic 50 Director's Cut' VF-

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Condition : Very Fine-
Publisher : Archie
Region : USA
Year : 1998


"Director's Cut!" More often than not, once a story is told, all that remains is the finished "accepted" version - the bad as well as the good exposed for all to see. Very rarely does the creator have the opportunity to revisit the creation and tinker with it until the finished account is the version it was always meant to be. ENDGAME was a story about the ultimate battle between the forces of good - in this case, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and fellow FREEDOM FIGHTERS - against the forces of evil, represented by DOCTOR IVO ROBOTNIK, in which case the final outcome would determine the future of Mobotropils, to say nothing of Mobius. Here now for your enjoyment is the final act, showcasing Sonic's finest hour... 48 pages, FC.