Sirianus #1-3 NM-/NM Complete Set

Sirianus #1-3 NM-/NM Complete Set

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Condition : Near Mint-/Near Mint
Publisher : Eros Comix
Region : USA
Year : 2008


By Pat Broderick. This all-new, head-spinning, sci-fi S&M sex saga features full-color artwork from Marvel and DC Comics cartoonist Pat (Micronauts, Batman) Broderick! College cutie and motorcycle mama Trish (what a dish!) finds herself sucked through a wormhole into another dimension! She's been abducted by the sinister Baron, alien overlord of the Gamorrites of the planet Sirianus! To the Sirians, human endorphins, the brain chemical produced at the height of sexual climax, are a drug as powerful as heroin, and the Baron's stable of human sex slaves is the source. Watch as the wicked Baron subjects Trish to his twisted S&M experiments and discovers that she is the richest source of endorphins yet! Can the rogue Captain Stewart Stonewall Jackson, a Confederate soldier who was also pulled across time and space through the Baron's wormholes, prevent Trish's sale on the slave/drug market to Bodacious, Queen of the Sadomorites, and rescue her from the dreaded dungeon monster Monkeydick?