Scarlet Witch #1-4 VF/NM Complete Set

Scarlet Witch #1-4 VF/NM Complete Set

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Condition : Very Fine/Near Mint
Publisher : Marvel Comics 
Region : USA
Year : 1994


Complete mini-series!

Finally! A limited series for the Avengers' favorite witch! But this is a restless time for the Scarlet Witch as she's haunted by terrifying dreams of an alien world being destroyed! What is causing these nightmares? Wanda doesn't know, so she consults her long-time mentor Agatha Harkness! But before Agatha can uncover the answers, a horde of demons attacks the Avengers' west coast compound! War Machine and the U.S. Agent fight off the vile creatures; and afterwards Wanda realizes that she must discover the truth without the Avengers' help. The Scarlet Witch's quest begins in New England next issue! Cameo appearance by Master Pandemonium. Flashback cameos by Immortus, Quicksilver, and Magneto. Avengers West Coast Lineup: Living Lightning, Spider-Woman, War Machine, Wonder Man, and the U.S. Agent.