Negaduck #1 NM+ Marco Mastrazzo NYCC Virgin Variant

Negaduck #1 NM+ Marco Mastrazzo NYCC Virgin Variant

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Condition : Near Mint+
Publisher : Dynamite Entertainment
Region : USA
Year : 2023


'I am the screeching fingernail on the chalkboard of justice. I am the sour ball in the candy jar of goodness. I am NEGADUCK!' He's the exact opposite of DD in every way… evil, nefarious, dedicated to stealing lollipops from kids and not helping grandmas across the street! And now, he's ready to begin a reign of crime and terror the likes of which St. Canard has never seen - except… dang it, all of the other villains are ripping off his ideas! What's a criminal mastermind to do when the city's thick with other criminals, stealing his shine? Why, take his villainy on the road, of course!