Mask Strikes Back TPB NM-

Mask Strikes Back TPB NM-

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Condition : Near Mint-
Publisher : Dark Horse Comics
Region : USA
Year : 1996


Collects Mask Strikes Back (1995) #1-5.

Written by John Arcudi. Art by Doug Mahnke, Keith Williams, and Rich Perrotta. Cover by Doug Mahnke.

Rick, Ben, Hugo, and Archie are four teens with a fixation on that melon-headed menace, The Mask. When they each get a shot at wearing the empowering emerald artifact, they figure it's a dream come true! And it is! Power, fame, and ultimate wish fulfillment are at arm's reach! But so is the mute man-monster, Walter, and arm's reach is far too close when he's involved!

Softcover, 132 pages, full color.