Lady Snowblood Vol.3 VG/FN
Lady Snowblood Vol.3 VG/FN
Lady Snowblood Vol.3 VG/FN

Lady Snowblood Vol.3 VG/FN

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Condition : Very Good/Fine
Publisher : Dark Horse 
Region : USA
Year : 2006


Rare edition!

Note: this is a second-hand copy with visible signs of use (please see pictures for reference)

Lady Snowblood is a woman born with a singular purpose, revenge. Revenge for the death of her father at the hands of greedy criminals. Revenge for the life of her mother, who birthed her in a prison to continue this demon's path of death. Sometimes this path is odd, sometimes sexy, often painful, and always violent. By means of a world's worth of skills, Lady Snowblood will find her revenge. But who knows what lies at the end of this path. Skillfully written by Kazuo Koike of Lone Wolf and Cub fame and master-drafted by Kazuo Kamimura, Lady Snowblood is a sexy story of a woman bound by dire desires. Softcover, 5-in. x 7-in., 224 pages, B&W. MATURE READERS