Hero Comics 2014 VF

Hero Comics 2014 VF

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Condition : Very Fine
Publisher : IDW
Region : USA
Year : 2014


Stories and Art by Sam Keith, Mike Grell, Kurt Busiek & Danny Busiek, Gerry Conway, Gene Ha, Phil Hester, Joe Phillips, Tanya & Richard Horie, Stan Goldberg, Connie Carlton and Chris Ivy.

Another great all-star one-shot to benefit The Hero Initiative, the charity that helps comic-book creators in times of great need.

Sam Kieth provides an all-new Maxx story, his first in nearly 20 years; Mike Grell takes us on a journey with his classic creation, Jon Sable, Freelance. There are also several 'Hero in Action' one-page stories, featuring real-life events where Hero Initiative made differences in comic creators lives!

Featuring: "The Maxx"; "Hero in Action: Joe Phillips"; "Pod People"; "Hero in Action: The Hories"; "Sable"; "Hero in Action: Stan Goldberg"; "The Hero Heist"; and "Hero in Action: Those Who Stay." 28 pages, full color.