Heavy Metal Magazine Vol.6 #10 FN

Heavy Metal Magazine Vol.6 #10 FN

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Condition : Fine
Publisher : HM Communications
Region : USA
Year : 1983


The adult illustrated fantasy magazine. Cover art by Joseph Chiodo. Starstruck story, script by Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta (plot), art by Michael Kaluta. I'm Age, script and art by Jeffrey Jones (one page). Ape, The (Part 6), script by Silverio Pisu, art by Milo Manara. Zora, script and art by Fernando Fernandez. Man From Harlem, The (Part 1), script and art by Guido Crepax. Yragael, script by Philippe Druillet, Demuth, and Pauline Tennant (translator), art by Philippe Druillet. Freak Show (Part 6), script by Bruce Jones, art by Bernie Wrightson. The Dark Crystal gallery. Robot Love starring El Borbah, script and art by Charles Burns. Muvovum starring Den II, script and art by Richard Corben. Mudwog, script and art by Arthur Suydam. Hunter, The, script and art by Martin Springett. Jan, 1983, issue 70. 100 pgs.