Hack Slash vs Evil Ernie #1 VF/NM (Cvr B) Variant

Hack Slash vs Evil Ernie #1 VF/NM (Cvr B) Variant

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Condition : Very Fine/Near Mint
Publisher : Devil's Due Publishing
Region : USA
Year : 2005


Note: Tim Seeley B cover variant!


Writer: Tim Seeley Art: Aadi Salaman.

She's taken on deranged lunch ladies, crazed catholic schoolgirls, and even homicidal comic book fans!

But now Cassie faces the most deadly, powerful, metal-loving killer of all ? the legendary Evil Ernie!

But how can Cassie and Vlad defeat a killer who can raise the dead and unleash arcane energies? Especially when that killer decides Cassie's his kind of girl? (Tim...?) 48pgs, FC