Flaming Carrot Comics Annual #1 VF/NM

Flaming Carrot Comics Annual #1 VF/NM

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Condition : Very Fine/Near Mint 
Publisher : Dark Horse Comics
Region : USA
Year : 1997


Flaming Carrot's back! Like rabbits out of a hat, fresh as cracked wheat, and at war with mediocrity! This 64-page, jumbo, mondo Flaming Carrot Annual #1 celebrates the 15th anniversary of the publication of Flaming Carrot Comics #1! All-new story, complete in this issue! Now, when the Industry could use a jolt, the sleeping dragon returns -- FLAMING CARROT! The one-man Madis Gras! The poor man's H-bomb! The Pied Piper of FUN! Meet the mysterious, tiny visitor with a strange message for all mankind! Marvel at a giant corn flake, eight feet tall! Glisten with apprehension as the treasure map Flaming Carrot bought at the flea market leads him ever closer to the legendary Lost Pork Chop mine! Recoil in horror at the necklace made of human kneecaps! See pies floating in water and getting soggy! Thrill at the Carrot's fight to the death with a dangerous and swanky vampire! Plus -- The Mysterymen preview, special features, super-action, bouncy femme fatales, madcap highjinks, sordid details, and individually numbered pages! Twenty-three dead and the party rocks on! 64 pages, B&W.