E-Man #1 FN/VF

E-Man #1 FN/VF

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Condition : Fine/Very Fine
Publisher : Charlton 
Region : USA
Year : 1973


Origin and first appearance of E-Man (Alec Tronn, an energy being from space), his girlfriend Nova Kane and The Brain from Alpha Centauri.
E-man is a pure energy form curiously roaming the universe when he stumbles on a ship controlled by a large brain; the Brain releases a gas bomb that will destroy planet earth but E-man thwarts the attempt accidentally while transforming himself into a robot slave. Operation: Rotten Apple, script by Nicola Cuti, art by Tom Sutton; The Knight Link Chain in his crew find information that a company is involved with espionage; Link and Marko get a job under alias for the company and work there a short time before they find out the company in completely run by spies with the exception of themselves.