Die Fantastischen Vier #36 FN/VF (German Edition of Fantastic Four #39)

Die Fantastischen Vier #36 FN/VF (German Edition of Fantastic Four #39)

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Condition : Fine/Very Fine/Off-White Pages
Publisher : Klaus Recht GMBH/Marvel
Region : Germany
Year : 1974


Die Fantastischen Vier (German silver-age reprint of Fantastic Four #39) by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby from 1965. Also reprinting (7) pages of Daredevil (Der Dämon) by Stan Lee and John Romita!
Beautiful copy, these German reprints were often reprinted in slightly different colours compared to the American versions from roughly a decade earlier. 
Most European countries mainly released these American comics in their own language back in the days (and many still do to this day). The main reason being that most of the people in these countries didn't speak, read and understood the English language in these times, so it was easier to get these books reprinted in their own language.
For this reason, many of the older and popular titles are still in high demand and worth quite some money when offered in high-grades.