Cryptozoic Man #1-4 NM/NM+ Complete Set

Cryptozoic Man #1-4 NM/NM+ Complete Set

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Condition : Near Mint/Near Mint+
Publisher : Dynamite Entertainment 
Region : USA
Year : 2013


All issues in this set are 1st printings 🔥

From the minds of Bryan Johnson and Walter Flanagan, stars of AMC's hit television show, Comic Book Men!

Shortly after Alan Ostman's daughter goes missing on a family camping trip, he finds himself living life on the fringes. After a particularly rough night, an industrialist interested in Alan's research focusing on the "alternative sciences" bails him out of jail and offers Alan a job. Think your boss is bad? At least they're (probably) not a leather pig-mask wearing, inter-dimensional miscreant bent on having a race of malignant beasts exterminate the world's best known cryptids and destroy the entire universe in the process.

Does humanity have a shot? A mythical society of Gray aliens didn't create Cryptozoic Man for nothing!