Cholly and Flytrap #1 NM

Cholly and Flytrap #1 NM

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Condition : Near Mint
Publisher : Image 
Region : USA
Year : 2004


Story and art by ARTHUR SUYDAM.
CONCEPT: In a futuristic Road Warrior-esque world, society has broken down, and only a few cities are clinging to a thread. In one of these outposts, Center City, ARTHUR SUYDAM's anti-heroes, Cholly and Flytrap, wisecrack their way through danger as if they were stars of a 1950s gangster movie. And, like gunslingers of lore, their reputations precede them as they try to prove themselves over and over again while becoming involved in a feud between two local power brokers and the seedy underworld of boxing. All this makes CHOLLY AND FLYTRAP a masterful, grim action adventure told with frantic pacing, tension and surprising humor.