Big Apple Comix #1 VF+
Big Apple Comix #1 VF+
Big Apple Comix #1 VF+

Big Apple Comix #1 VF+

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Condition : Very Fine/Near Mint 
Publisher : Big Apple Productions
Region : USA
Year : 1975


Front cover art by Stu Schwartzberg, Larry Hama, Paul Kirchner, & Wally Wood. Back cover by Ralph Reese. Big Apple Comix is a one-shot, hybrid alternative/underground comic edited by Flo Steinberg (one of the first independent comics ever published), featuring stories and art about New York City.
 "The Man without a City," script by Stu Schwarzberg, inks by Marie Severin; After denouncing New York, a man is sentenced to spend the remainder of his life having no contact with the city.
"My Word," script and art by Wally Wood; Wood exaggerates New York's reputation for sleaze and sex.
"The Tube," script by Wally Wood, art by Al Williamson (signed); Dan Green; Brad Bickford is transported to another dimension where he is considered their long-prophesied champion.
"A Nice Place to Visit, But...", script and art by Linda Fite; The contrast between New York and California. Over & Under, art by Neal Adams and Larry Hama; The contrasting lives of an office secretary and a prostitute.
"The Battery's Down," script and art by Alan Weiss; A new arrival in the city experiences a rapid dose of its downside.
"Lotsa Yox," script and pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by Wally Wood; 1933 pilot has an unexpected encounter.
"The Silent Minority," script and art by Mike Ploog; A day in the life of a hobo.
"Token," script and art by Herb Trimpe; A subway token is discovered in the far distant future.