Animaniacs #38 VF+

Animaniacs #38 VF+

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Condition : Very Fine+
Publisher : DC
Region : USA
Year : 1998


Special all-cute issue! Dot goes to Japan and Pretty Kitty goes to the WB lot, where she meets Wakko and Yakko. There's plenty of culture clash on both sides of the ocean. Pretty Kitty gets assertiveness training at the hands of Wakko and Yakko, while Dot learns the value of plastering her image on anything she can get her hands on as Japanese culture embraces her. Plus: it's the usual pain and suffering for Buttons when Mindy's mom enrolls the tot in a Beautiful Baby contest and the other contestants (and their mothers) will do anything to win; and, Slappy gets concerned when Skippy begins hanging around with a too-adorable woodland creature. Written by Jennifer Moore, Sean Carolan and Dana Kurtin. Pencils by Leonardo Batic. Cover by Leonardo Batic and Scott McRae.