Amazing Spider-Man Vol.2 #20 NM

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.2 #20 NM

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Condition : Near Mint
Publisher : Marvel
Region : USA
Year : 2000


THE SCOOP: The 100-Page Monster strikes again!? THE STORY: It's an all-action extravaganza as Aleistar Smythe returns?and so do his sinister Spider Slayers! The father's machines almost killed Spider-Man on numerous occasions?will the son's 21st Century versions finish the job? J. Jonah Jameson sure hopes so?because he hired him! Also, did Jonah peek under the web-slinger's mask back in PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN #10? The answer is revealed here! Will this be Triple J's greatest triumph?or his most costly embarrassment? Plus: this Monster Edition continues the Spider Slayer theme by reprinting some of the web-head's most wild battles with those rowdy robots, including AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #25, #58 and #192! THE FORMAT: It's the package that has them all buzzing... 100 whopping pages of wall-crawling action and killer contraption craziness for a low, low price!