Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator #1-4 NM- Complete Set

Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator #1-4 NM- Complete Set

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Condition : Near Mint-
Publisher : Dark Horse Comics
Region : USA
Year : 2000


Scarce mini-series based on these cult classic movie characters!

Written by Mark Schultz. Art by Mel Rubi.

In the year 2032, John Connor and the human resistance forces wage war on the evil super-computer, Skynet. Sensing ultimate defeat, Skynet goes into hiding.

Centuries later, it is awakened by stealth Terminators posing as human scientists. Now an even deadlier Skynet is creating invincible Terminator/Alien hybrids! Earth's only chance lies in the hands of a legendary heroine named Ripley and...the Predators?! Even this ancient hunter race understands that Skynet threatens all life in the universe.