A1 Book One VF/NM

A1 Book One VF/NM

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Condition : Very Fine/Near Mint 
Publisher : Atomeka
Region : USA
Year : 1989


Cover by Garry Leach.

Edited by Garry Leach and Dave Elliott.

Stories by Barry Windsor-Smith, Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Graham Marks, John Bolton, Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland, Paul Behrer, Neil Gaiman, Glenn Fabry, Bob Burden, Dominic Regan, and Brendan McCarthy.

Art by Barry Windsor-Smith, Garry Leach, Eddie Campbell, John Bolton, Ted McKeever, Brian Bolland, Una Fricker, Steve Parkhouse, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave McKean, Dave Gibbons, Paris Cullins, Glenn Fabry, Bob Burden, Brendan McCarthy, and Dominic Regan.

Atomeka's giant-sized anthology series brought together a Whos Who of British comics talent.

This issue includes a Warpsmith story by Alan Moore and Garry Leach, a spin-off/crossover series with the duo's Marvelman/Miracleman. Also, a Bojeffries Saga story by Moore and Steve Parkhouse, and a Mr. X story by Bill Sienkiewicz, Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. The Big Button; Ghostdance; The Fall of Angels and Other Misfits; Bad Bread; The Ear of Seeing; Survivor; The Actress and the Bishop Go Boating; A Taste of Gold; Festus: Dawn of the Dead; Heartsprings and Watchstops; Epilogue Prologue; Libretto; Blazin Glory #5; The Return of the Purple Claw; Bricktop; The Bandit Moons; The Hollow Circus; Lobsters Rumpus.

96 pages, B&W.