Sentry #1 VF/NM Artie Rosen Variant
Sentry #1 VF/NM Artie Rosen Variant
Sentry #1 VF/NM Artie Rosen Variant

Sentry #1 VF/NM Artie Rosen Variant

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Condition : Very Fine/Near Mint
Publisher : Marvel
Region : USA
Year : 2000


1st appearance of Sentry!
Super rare 1/50 retailer variant cover by Artie Rosen (John Romita, Sr.).
Written by Paul Jenkins, art by Jae Lee.
THE SCOOP: In 1961, Stan Lee introduced the Fantastic Four. One week earlier he invented something else! Find out what as Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee (the same creative team that brought you the Eisner-award-winning INHUMANS limited series) reunite to tell a new adventure!
THE STORY: In an amazing twist of fate, Marvel Comics and the Marvel Knights have unearthed what could be the most shattering conspiracy perpetrated on the comic book community! Our creative founding fathers introduced us to a pantheon of characters rivaled only by those of Greek mythology itself. One week prior to that, Stan?along with artist Artie Rosen?launched what should have been Marvel's flagship title. A title that contained within its four-color pages a being so powerful and so full of beauty and grace that it somehow didn't fit in the Marvel Universe as we know it. Somehow, somewhere, we were all forced to forget?made to simply pretend the title never existed. What was it about this god amongst human heroes that set these events in motion? What was it about this character that threatened the very fabric of the Marvel Universe?
Find out in the new limited series that will uncover the life of this long-lost character, guest-stars our greatest heroes, and takes you on a journey of dark mysteries, heart-wrenching realization and ultimate heroism!
THE CREATORS: Bringing you this tale of discovery is the award-winning INHUMANS creative team of writer Paul Jenkins and artist Jae Lee. With several years of research?and the help of the legendary Stan "The Man" Lee himself?Jenkins and Lee will uncover the truth... and attempt to preserve our very existence!