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Hi there, 

Just a little update for those who you that were planning to pay us a visit in the next few weeks and those of you who haven't been following us for a while...

The month of June has been a month me and many others have been looking forward to for a couple of reasons.

We have been working on our next Pokemon guest project for some time now which we are very excited about and is to begin kick-off today at Heroes Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht.

For this reason the store will unfortunately be closed on the following dates;

-Saturday June 22

-Saturday June 29

-Saturday July 6

You're all welcome again starting Saturday July 13th!

We will be attending Heroes Dutch Comic Con (June 22/23) and Scotland Card Show (June 29) together with voice actors Ted Lewis (original voice of Giovanni, James, Gengar, Snorlax and Tracey Sketchit on Pokemon and Bandit Keith, Yami Bakura and Jack Atlas on Yu-gi-oh!) and Matthew Sussman (original voice of Meowth).

If you wish to get your Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh! cards signed by either of these gentlemen, you are welcome to come and meet them in person on the following dates and locations;

-Heroes Dutch Comic Con - June 22/23

-Bbrothers Store - June 26 (Germany)

-Flash-Cards - June 27 (Belgium)

-Scotland Card Show - June 29 (Glasgow)

Thanks for reading and hope to see you all again soon, 


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