🔥💎 Topps Now Bundesliga 2018-19 + 2019-20 💎🔥

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Hi all,

Ive come across an amazing collection of hard to find and sought after 2018-19 and 2019-20 Topps Now Bundesliga trading cards 🔥

As you may know, the print runs of these cards are relatively low as not many people were aware of this set at the time it came out. These cards were weekly timed (printed on demand) releases and costing $9.99ea. After the deadline closed they immediately got printed in the same week, after which the print runs were shared online for each card.

Print runs range anywhere between 25 to just over 200 of each card and will never be reprinted again. 

The low print runs don't necessarily make all cards rare, expensive or highly desirable. It also doesn't mean they will be listed here for top dollar or for amounts some people are asking for them on for instance E-bay. I will be offering most of the cards here on my website for more than reasonable prices, some of them will have a higher asking price but thats because those are either rookies, players/teams that are in higher demand or because some of these actually hardly get offered regularly at all.

There are over (120) cards in total that I will be offering, I've started listing many of them this past weekend and will list all of the remaining cards during the next few days.

To finish up this announcement, I'm always open to negotiate prices and happy to help you out in any way possible 👽✌🏻

Stay safe and healthy 😉

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